Overview of King and Associates LLC

King and Associates LLC (KAA) is an environmental economic consulting company founded by Dennis King in 1981 with offices in Plymouth, Massachusetts (USA). Dennis King holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in natural resource economics and a BBA degree in corporate finance and has over 40 years of experience conducting and managing interdisciplinary research involving tradeoffs and impacts related to environmental and natural resource development and related markets and regulations. (See D.M. King’s resume)

KAA has the capabilities to conduct interdisciplinary research on a wide range of topics that require integrated scientific, engineering, and economic analysis, and to provide high-quality consulting and expert litigation support to meet individual client needs. KAA has exceptional expertise in three areas: 1) economics of natural resource-based industries and markets, especially commercial fisheries and seafood markets 2) economic aspects of environmental protection and restoration and related remediation and mitigation; and 3) economic and ecological tradeoff and impact analyses associated with regulation-driven changes in land, water, and natural resource use decisions. (See Areas of Specialization)

KAA clients include international federal, state, and local resource agencies, financial institutions, small and large businesses, and non-profit organizations. (See Typical Clients/Projects List)